February 4, 2015

TrustComm Enhances Satellite for Emergency Response

By Via Satellite | May 30, 2013

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[Satellite TODAY 05-29-13] TrustComm, a provider of secure COMSATCOM solutions to government agencies, has announced significant enhancements to its satellite emergency operations network (SEON) solution for emergency responders. The enhancements include new and flexible purchase options, and expanded network configurations.
     Introduced in 2010, SEON is an instantly available, secure communications network that supports emergency responders when infrastructure is damaged, destroyed or overloaded.
     In recent years, TrustComm’s satellite-based emergency communications solutions have been used by more than 10 state National Guards and various agencies. TrustComm earned the National Guard’s Minuteman Award for outstanding disaster support during hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.
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February 4, 2015