February 4, 2015

Advantech Wireless Introduces ASAT II™ WaveSwitch™ “on-the-fly” SATCOM Waveform Switching Technology

By Advantech Wireless | March 28, 2017

High quality broadband satellite services with highest efficiency and network utilization achieved with ASAT II™ System WaveSwitch™ automated real-time waveform and access method switching technology.

Advantech Wireless, a global leader in satellite broadband communications solutions released today its WaveSwitch™ “on-the-fly” SATCOM Waveform Switching Technology for its ASAT II Multiservice VSAT System.

To address the high complexity of new generation multiservice IP broadband satellite deployments, Advantech Wireless introduced WaveSwitch™, its novel service modeling architecture that dynamically optimizes waveform assignment to achieve the highest application performance, with minimum satellite bandwidth resources and the highest network utilization.

“Our ASAT II™ System’s unique WaveSwitch™ technology coupled with our 3D-BoD™ multidimensional bandwidth-on-demand scheduling and bandwidth allocation system represent a major breakthrough in the way VSAT platforms are optimized,” said Oscar Glottmann, CMO Satellite Networks Business Unit at Advantech Wireless. “Current generation VSAT systems typically partition bandwidth space segment by waveform, and usually waveform selection is done at provisioning. Our unique WaveSwitch™ on-the-fly waveform and access method switching technology, enabled us to add new dimensions to bandwidth allocation decisions in addition to data rate requirements, applying in real-time the most efficient and best suited waveform for dynamic application requirements, automating this previously manual selection process. This enables us to achieve quality SATCOM services at the highest efficiency and network utilization.”

With WaveSwitch™, no manual intervention is required. The system will dynamically assign from Advantech Wireless’ RCSXTM selection of waveforms – ASCPC™, MF-TDMA, and SCPC DVB-S2/S2X . WaveSwitch™ seamlessly optimizes the access technology to the dynamic and varying customer application requirements in real time, allocating bandwidth from a common space segment pool.

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February 4, 2015