February 4, 2015

New Second Generation GaN based SSPAs/BUCs

By Advantech Wireless | November 12, 2015

The Second Generation of GaN based SSPAs/SSPBs/BUCs/ continues the development roadmap introduced by Advantech Wireless back in 2010.
  • These GaN based units provide an impressive 60% increase in Linear Transmit Power without any increase in size or weight.
  • Provide super high linearity with the highest possible power density and smallest size on the market.
  • Designed to operate in harsh outdoor environments, and to replace multiple indoor Klystrons or TWTs.
  • The consequent low OPEX cost, allows recovery of the initial investment just in 1 or 2 years of energy consumption savings.


Download North American Gallium Nitride-based Devices New Product Innovation Leadership Award Write-Up
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February 4, 2015