February 4, 2015

High Throughput Wideband DVB-S2X Modulators

By Advantech Wireless | August 21, 2015

With data rates up to 2.5 Gbps, and low Roll-Off Factor of 5%, the Wideband DVB-S2X Modulators from Advantech Wireless can cover a full range of transponders up to 525 MHz with a single Outbound carrier, thus guaranteeing optimized use of all regular and HTS satellite transponders with maximum bandwidth efficiency.

These new modulators combined with the Advantech Wireless Second Generation of UltraLinearTM GaN Technology based SSPAs/SSPBs, providing up to 750 MHz of contiguous high linearity/low phase noise amplification in C, X, Ku and Ka-bands, can occupy a full regular or HTS transponder with one carrier and operate it in saturation for the most efficient use of satellite resources.

Additionally, the combination of these two products – Gen II GaN HPAs and WB DVB-S2X Modulators – is so powerful that for the first time ever it is possible to illuminate a full wideband transponder (up to 525 MHz) with enough power, maintaining high linearity and extremely low phase noise/low jitter. These attributes allow to further increase the channel capacity by utilizing high MODCODs up to 256 APSK.

The WB DVB-S2X Modulators support ACM, have a built-in GSE/MPE Encapsulator.

Advantech Wireless Wideband DVB-S2X Modulators are ideally positioned to operate on the new generation of HTS satellites, due to its advanced capabilities and high data rates.

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February 4, 2015